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                        LAURENTHIA MESH 

                          ARTIST | ENGINEER

Laurenthia Mesh is an award-winning artist who has traveled the world many years studying the works of the masters in museums and private collections.  Her work has been seen in Paris, Munich, Berlin, Madrid, London and Rome, and hangs in local, national and international private collections.

     Mrs. Mesh was the first lady Senior Engineer for DeKalb County, in charge of Industrial Pollution Control and Pretreatment  for 1,500 industries and the first lady Command Engineer at Command Headquarters for the Pentagon. 

  Mrs. Mesh was the first scientist to identify 3 amino acids, Guaninine, Arginine and Cystine, in the laboratory for Dr. Pehr Edman, Nobel Nominee and inventor of the protein sequenator; e. g., Insulin synthesis), the start of the genome project at the Max Planck Institute fur Biochemie, Munich. She also audited Art History courses at the University of Munich. In Madrid, she helped translate the poems of the Nobel nominee, Pepe Hierro, Poet Laureate of Spain and winner of the Cervantes Prize in Madrid.  She can now devote time to what her mother, Eugenie, a real artist, told her to do,  “Just sit in a corner and paint.”

     Laurenthia trained at one of the school of artists that traces its heritage directly to Monet. Commissions are accepted in any medium or size for portraits, landscapes or specific concepts of the patron in any color scheme. All commissions are guaranteed, if you don't like the final artwork, no charge. Only archival canvas and hand ground oil paints are used so they will not fade with time. Pastels or watercolors, never bleach out nor fade because they contain no binders.


 Associate Member:

             - Olmsted Plein Air  

             - Portrait Society of Atlanta 

             - Dunwoody Fine Art Association

             - Spruill School of Art

             - Atlanta Artist Center


Honors: Olmsted Plein Air GA Colors,                                       Exhibition 2019

               - Portrait Society of Atlanta,                                           Exhibition 2019

                - Spruill Art Gallery, 

                     Exhibition 2019

                - Best of the Best Competition,

                   Dunwoody Fine Art Assn. 

                    First Prize, 2018

                 - City of Brookhaven,

                    3rd Prize, 2017

                - Best of the Best Competition,

                   Dunwoody Fine Art Assn.

                    Honorable Mention 2019

                 - Sights and Insights,

                     Abernathy Art Center,

                     Exhibition 2020,

                - 2nd Glance Competition                                               Peoples' Choice,

                     Best  Painting, 2020 


A personal note from Laurenthia~

      It has always been my dream to find more time to paint.  Life has eased, the time has come.  I thank God, family, teachers, friends and you, dear viewer, for this opportunity to present my paintings.  


                               LAURENTHIA MESH


Prices:  $450 US to $9,200 US

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